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Customer Testimonials

Customers love the response they get from the RezOvation support team.

"I've called support a few times over the years, and its always been one small issue I couldn't figure out. (Support) was able to help me easily and quickly."

— Tammy Doriot, White Oak Manor Bed & Breakfast, Jefferson, TX

Hear what Dena and other Bed and Breakfast managers have to say about RezOvation.

"Its been very, very easy. All of us can use it (RezOvation.) I am not a computer person. If I can do it then anybody can do it."

— Dena Finneran, Caldwell House Bed & Breakfast, Salisbury Mills, NY

"We have been looking for a web-based property management system for our nine-room B&B that also handles sales through our gift shop and provides an easy gateway for a guest to make a reservation with us through our website. We have been using RezOvation GT for years and years and really liked some of the features, finding that the birthday and anniversary reminder e-mails with that system have earned us a good chunk of business over time. In searching for a web-based system, we tried all sorts of competing solutions but found that they were universally difficult to use and required extensive staff training to figure out basic features.

In the ensuing months, we haven't looked back. RezOvation's web-based solution has been stable, quick and it's really easy to use so staff learning time is absolutely minimal. The beautiful interface really might fool someone into thinking that this solution isn't powerful but that is not true - there are so many ways this system can be customized to suit a property. The more you dig, the more you find. But, again, all these powerful features are still very easy to use. One of the big plus features is that RezOvation's products can send out reminders to guests before a birthday or anniversary which absolutely earns a lot of business for us. This feature alone is a compelling reason to use RezOvation software and there are others as well.

Combining ease of use, minimal training time, powerful features and compatibility with both Mac and Windows while considering that your data is safely stored on the company's secure servers off-site, this is a terrific choice that I don't think can be bested by any competing system."

— Tony Barthel, Featherbed Railroad, Nice, CA

"I am extremely pleased with RezOvation Web! I love how it integrates with my website, how user friendly it is, and how it seamlessly syncs with and my mobile. I highly recommend this product not only because of its features, but also because of the great technical support and it is very affordable for a small business!"
— Diana McBride, The Iron Horse Inn, Granbury, TX

"Our B&B has been using Rezovation GT for quite some time.  I was so anxious to try Rezovation Web I signed up for the 30-day free trial and fell in love with it.  If you are "riding the fence" about getting started with Rezovation Web "get off the fence".  This updated version is AMAZING!!!  It is very user-friendly.  I love the letter templates that you no longer have to "check-out and check-in".  Everything is accessible from one page now.  Don't wait to try this new product, I guarantee you will love it as much as we do!! "
— Steve and Pam Wakefield, Wakefield Country Inn & Winery Gerty, Oklahoma

"I am SO COMPLETELY PLEASED WITH MY NEW SYSTEM!!  Every person who has helped us has been extremely pleasant and professional - it has been a very easy transition!"
— Terri Noyes, SeaCoast Inn, Hyannis MA,

"For the three years we have had the Hotel Pension Anna every request I have had for service (Tech Support) has been prompt, complete, courteous, and complete. We all understand in this day and age just what that means to all of us. Thank you and keep up the good work!!! To the point I just com pleted an hour of review on one of your product lines (GT) and had a completely perfect overlook of the package and it’s ramifications to our business. Again thanks!"
— Gary Thebault, Hotel Pension Anna, Leavenworth WA,

"We shopped a lot of property management systems for our bed & breakfast and found RezOvation to really be the best. Then, after using it for some time, we found it helped us increase business through effective customer management. The company's support has been outstanding and the software has been very, very stable. From my experience, it's rare that a vertical application runs this well and has such good support, so I'm a huge fan. Bottom line - if you own a lodging property, this is a terrific choice for managing that property. "
— Peggy & Tony Barthel, Featherbed Railroad, Nice, CA

"Before my life in Key West, i worked in the Internet technology industry as an engineer followed by product management and marketing, and later on in upper management.  I think it's important for you to know my history because it will give more credence to my email. 

I have worked with many of your tech support staff and everyone is SUPER nice.  Never had a problem.  Today I had an issue Jaylee helped me with and he did not stop until it was resolved.  He was beyond nice -- he made it his mission to resolve the issue."
— Runi Goyal, Old Town Manor and Rose Lane Villas, Key West, FL

"I am so delighted with GT – every day I seem to find yet another way it solves so many issues – saves an enormous amount of time!  I adore not having to post, and the ink & paper we save is measureable.  Heavens, I may have to take up knitting to fill in the hours!  (Ha!)  We are spending that extra time marketing and communicating!   I would recommend your Intuit / / RezO GT program to every innkeeper!  Not only did your special offer not cost us anything, it actually is paying us!!   Goldreyer and Company really knows innkeeping!"
— Pat Lyons, Lyons Twin Mansions, Fort Scott, KS

"RezOvation GT saves us time by not spending 20-30 minutes with guests trying to work our availability schedule around their schedule, and that is time we spend with spend with our guests at the B&B, cleaning, and following up on reservation requests.  We have also had several guests comment how they liked seeing our whole reservation schedule at a glance and they stayed with us because of that feature.  We are the only B&B in Little Rock doing that."
— Scott Miller, Baker House Bed & Breakfast, North Little Rock, AR

"We upgraded to RezOvation GT in 2008.  We view the application as indispensable … it does everything we need in a fully integrated way.  With a couple of clicks, we capture credit card payments, send email confirmations, and request reviews.  The integration with Expedia and travel agent / GDS has resulted in thousands of dollars of bookings for us this year already, and the application more than pays for itself. "

— Brendan Watt, Briar Rose B&B, Boulder, CO

"Approximately 8 months ago we joined We enlisted their services for our website design and RezOvation GT. The assistance by everyone in all departments has been nothing short of terrific. From marketing advice, to website improvements, to technical support, to helping us learn. Everyone at RezOvation has only one goal - that is to see our business grow! For the products and services you provide, we sincerely thank you all."

— Richard & Dorothy, Sweet Dreams Luxury Inn, Abbotsford, BC

"I would like to express my great satisfaction with RezOvation GT.  Having been a Guest Tracker user for
7 years, I was hesitant to switch. Looking back, I wish I had made the change sooner.
Way worth it!  We get so many reservations from and the old way of manually updating online availability took so much of my time.  The credit card processing is another big time AND MONEY saver.  The card numbers are already loaded into Rezo GT for me and,  Quick Books Merchant Services gives me better rates than my prior provider.  I just want to thank you and the team at RezOvation and for putting this all together."

Glenn Kithcart, The Bentley Inn, Bay Head, NJ

"I was really attached to Guest Tracker. I did try RezOvation Desktop and did not like it. For the past two years or more, I had been double inputing -- Guest Tracker and another software system. It took me less than a day to get up to speed on RezOvation GT, and I haven't used the other two programs since day two. A few things to work out but I am surprisingly pleased and would not hesitate to proselytize."

Ellen Gutman Chenaux, Innkeeper/Proprietor, Birchwood Inn, Lenox, MA "Best Breakfast in New England" "Mud Pie Queen of the Berkshires"

"We recently surveyed our guests asking which enhancements to our website would be the most appreciated or useful … real-time reservations was the #1 answer. In response, we have upgraded from RezOvation Desktop and a lag-time availability calendar to RezOvation GT and Online Reservations.  We had great support from the Rezo team in converting our system and are happy to be able to meet the desires of our guests!"

— Amy & Dan, Ho'oilo House, Lahaina, Maui, HI

"I made the mistake of trying a new software vendor this year in hopes to gain some functionality for some marketing I wanted to try and was terribly dissapointed. I am now in the process of moving back to RezOvation GT. The software I tried was BookingCenter and could never recommend it.  The entire experience has really pointed out to me what a quality organization RezOvation is."

John Battista, The Carisbrooke Inn, Ventnor, NJ

"We are very happy with RezOvation GT online. It works wonderfully for us and our guests, and We get many comments on the fast way of booking a room at our B&B. The training was thorough and when we call with any single question, you answer in a professional way. Thank you!"

— Dorothee, Insel Haus B&B, Macomb, IL

"I installed the credit card processing through RezOvation GT and QuickBooks. What a great program! I have used it this past month and can't believe the ease of using the program. The credit card number can be swiped once and then is recorded and then exported into Quickbooks where it is on the deposit list. No longer do I have to swipe a credit card, remember to check out customer, and then transmit every night and THEN enter it into Rezo GT. Last year, I forgot to transmit one account on the old machine and finally caught the error 2 months later. Also, the rate is cheaper than any other company."

"RezOvation GT's support group is very helpful and pleasant, not like some companies."

Wilma Griffin, Camp O' My Dreams, Longville, MN

"We attended the / RezOvation Internet Intensive Workshop at the PAII conference, and later bought the RezOvation GT package and love using it. Now I’m ready to learn how to use the extra features that will make it even better!"

Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way, Millersburg, OH

"I just wanted to take a beat and thank you for getting my website up.  I think it looks good and I couldn't have done it with out both of your help.  You offer a very good service and tell your bosses that you are both doing a good job keeping fussy old innkeepers happy.   My traffic has increased exponentially and we are getting tons of online bookings so something must be working right.  It's nice to wake up to the cha-ching of a new customer who surfed into our property on their own time while we slept! THANK YOU!"

Beth Colt, Woods Hole Inn, Wood's Hole, MA

"I am constantly amazed how great it RezOvation GT is. It has thoroughly streamlined our operation and increased our efficiency by a couple orders of magnitude! I am also very grateful for the high caliber of technical support you
guys provide.  Thank you!"

Winston Laszlo, Old Wheeler Hotel, Wheeler, OR

"I was a long-term Guest Tracker user who was reluctant to change programs.  I took the plunge with RezOvation GT, and found it very similar to Guest Tracker right away, with even more features.  My staff and I are great at service, but we are not tech geeks, so it was important to us to have a system that everyone could adapt to.  We are really happy with how easy it was for everyone to learn GT, and now I recommend it to everyone I talk to!"

— Crystal Harding, Hotel Macomber and Buckingham Motel, Cape May, NJ

"The RezOvation GT software has many advantages over the old Guest Tracker. First, the occupancy map and adding a reservation is easier to use.  Tracking the source of guest and reason for stay is easy, and integrating with MS Word for letters is great since we all are familiar with Word.  Setting up and maintaining rates is comprehensive and easy, emailing reservation reminders and thank you notes is a huge time-saver, and the reporting functions are well thought-out.  The automatic back-up is absolutely priceless and I know that I am complying with credit card information laws.   There are many other small things that I could add too as well as many functions I haven't even gotten to yet.  Thank you for putting this all together!"

Glenn Kithcart, The Bentley Inn, Bay Head, NJ

"I am extremely pleased with the help and cooperation that I've received from RezOvation:

  • I appreciate that my questions are always answered.
  • I have no problem reaching support and getting an answer to a simple question.
  • On more complex problems, RezOvation support was always courteous, helpful and took the time that was needed and made it as easy as they could for me.
  • When I call and ask about a new product that I may need, I'm given a totally honest answer after a thorough assessment of my software and capability. 

Thank you for being there for me."

— Gail Kowalski , The Boyden House Bed & Breakfast, Grand Haven, MI

"I have just purchased your software to start my B&B. It was really easy to install and is very intuitive.  Sadly I restored my machine to a point earlier than the install which caused some problems. Luckily your techies noticed that it no longer synced and called me! I own a Microsoft Gold Partner software company so I have some appreciation of the complexities. The technician who contacted me was Jaylee and I was totally impressed with his technical abilities and customer skills. It is unusual to deal with someone so totally competent!  Thanks very much for great customer service! "

Jack Eldridge, Lippincott House, Philadelphia, PA

"Once again it was a pleasure working with all your staff at / RezOvation, who helped with putting our new web site together and transferring the hosting from Blizzard to RezOvation.  Patrick was especially helpful with the content and layout portion of the web design process.  He helped to keep me focused on putting the best information with our best photos in the right places on our web site.  His tact & diplomacy in not accepting our first cut on a B&B “slogan” encouraged us to keep working on it.  I think our slogan now really nails what we have to offer our guests and we hope it generates a few more reservations. 

I would probably enjoy pulling my finger nails out from the roots over putting a new web site together. Patrick not only helped to lessen the pain of the work from my end, but made it down right enjoyable.   Please keep up the good work.   We hope for a strong season this year as a result of our collaboration together. Thanks again! "

Mike Swegles, Plumercrest B&B, Epping, NH

"The friendly and courteous staff at RezOvation not only know this industry and their software inside out but are intuitively conscious of the needs of their clients and have proven more than helpful and accommodating.  A+ Customer Service ALL THE WAY!!!"

Randy Mills, Paia Inn, Maui, HI

"We have seen a definite increase of 15-20% in our business in the past year with RezOvation GT as our online booking engine.  We frequently have visitors from Great Britain, Canada and the Netherlands who, in the past, had to fax us credit card information and we spent an inordinate amount of time emailing or phoning.  As anyone knows time is money!   We now have a comfort zone as evidenced by the fact that we receive bookings while we sleep, attend a community function or have dinner with friends.  This affords us the ability to provide greater service to our in-house guests and attend to the limitless functions of running one's own business. 

Now with the secure site, great availability calendar and photos that accompany the calendar, booking is a breeze for our European guests. A terrific investment! There are still numerous prospective guests who want and need to hear the innkeepers voice to get a sense of with whom and where they are staying.  We totally respect and understand the psychology behind this desire but cannot deny that our investment in RezOvation GT has certainly streamlined our daily lives and business."

— Laura and Paul Macionus, Blackinton Manor Bed & Breakfast, North Adams, MA

"I've been using RezOvation GT for a couple weeks and want to compliment your tech support folks. While I'm a strong advocate of the Macintosh platform, we're running your software without any glitches and are very happy with it. While we had considered a Macintosh-based solution, we're sticking with RezOvation - it's really terrific. And, again, your tech folks are wonderful - well worth the monthly fee."

Tony Barthel, Featherbed Railroad, Nice, CA

"I love RezOvation GT I have used it for our 2 vacation villas for a few months now. It has really simplified my work, and the online engine is GREAT I have gotten several bookings with it that I had not even gotten inquiries for! I have been able to do just about everything I need with just a little playing around."

Deanna, Quinns Vacation Homes, Chattanooga, TN

"Hi Jaylee!  I just wanted to drop a note to say THANK YOU again for all your help.  The RezOvation support team ROCKS!  I can always count on you to solve my issues.  You are all patient, super knowledgeable, and really nice to work with.  Ditto for Cledstone, Ashley, and Drew."

Jennifer Frahm, Blue Door Cottages, Monticello, IN

"I have used RezOvation GT for over a year now and I am completely satisfied. The support is excellent and I find that the investment has been more than recovered in getting most (approx 75%) of my reservations online directly through my site. I also like the reports and tracking features, and the way that you can use the database to follow-up easily with past guests."

Joe Radigan, Knollwood House, Southern Pines, NC

"I love RezOvation GT! It is simple to use and the interface you have is incredible.  I am making my website bookable, providing data for bookkeeping, handling credit card processing, and linking to and Expedia all in one place!  I am going from four different processes to virtually one.  Thanks RezO!” 

— Jacqueline Huber, Bykenhulle House, Hopewell Junction, NY

"I was a RezOvation user and decided to give Reservation Nexus a try.  After a few weeks I realized that ResNexus was pretty limited in its functionality, especially when it comes to group reservations and invoices.  Thanks for taking me back RezOvation!  I sure can appreciate how well your software is designed now that I've tried someone else!"

— Dawn Fleming, Woodrow House, Lubbock, Texas

"The previous owner used RezStream, but we switched to RezOvation and have been saving almost $1000/month compared to what the previous owner used to pay for web site marketing and booking engine fees.  The savings alone will be over $10,000/yr right to the bottom line at the inn.  We love the RezOvation GT product, our new web site, and the great overall service."

Johanna and Scott Kiltoff, Inn on the Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas

"We have two separate properties and switched one of them from Inntopia to RezOvation last year for our GDS connection.  After using RezOvation now for ten months, we are switching the other property.  The RezOvation GDS connection works flawlessly to send rates and availability and retrieve our reservations.  It is all automated, with no manual inventory, and is a lot easier to use and more up-to-date than a manual system. "

— John Runnells, Owner / Innkeeper, Shady Oaks Country Inn & Ambrose Bierce House, Napa, CA

"My online bookings have more than doubled since I switched from Webervations to the RezOvation Booking Engine. Guests who want online reservations now have that option, plus we have more time to help guests who prefer to phone us."

Leslie Adkins, Inverness Valley Inn, Inverness, CA

"This was the first time I had worked with a reservation software package.  I found RezOvation Desktop to be so well designed, programmed, documented, and supported that it took only 5 hours to get Kim Rose Beach Rentals to the point where we now feel comfortable with the package. Even though we have not explored all the features, and it is not likely we'll ever need to, we are confident that if there is anything that needs to be handled by a reservation system,  RezOvation Desktop will handle it."

"My compliments to you for handling all of our inquiries during the learning phase. You knew we had only 9 units but we felt you gave us the same support you'd give to a property with 900 units.  Looking forward to working with you and the rest of the RezOvation staff in the future."

— for Kim Rose Beach Rentals, Phil Borod, Consultant, The Information Craftsman, Inc.

"I hated online reservations because it eliminates negotiation on rates or telephone sales pitches, but those days are over. I’m now convinced that this is the way to go. I also dreaded online reviews, but I now won't stay anywhere without first checking for them! I'm amazed at how the industry has changed since we opened our inn in 1993. We started with in-room large screen premium cable TV, in-room phones with voice mail, and wearing khakis and logo’d shirts. It was ground-breaking then, but it’s common place now."

— Chuck & Tom Hale, Interim Innkeepers,

"We were initially skeptical about adding the RezOvation Booking Engine to our website.  Once we got it running, we were amazed at the number of reservations we got.  We can’t wait to turn on the computer each morning and see how many reservations we have.  It’s like a special treat each day!"

— Richard & Rita Smart, Bennett House B&B, Richmond, KY

"I switched from Webervations to the RezOvation Booking Engine and received 3X more online reservations per month virtually overnight compared to Webervations!  I spend more time serving my guests now that I don’t have to spend so much time on the phone taking reservations.  I just wish I had done it sooner now that I know how much revenue I was turning away."

"My customers love the online bookings.  I used to be worried that I was losing reservations because I didn’t take fully confirmed, online bookings.  Well, I was right.  Now my customers don’t have to worry about waiting on reservation requests or getting on the phone if they don’t want to, and my bookings have gone through the roof because of it.  I don’t have to worry that they are going somewhere else any longer."

— Phil Cunniffe, The Hearthstone Lodge, Ellijay, GA

"To fellow innkeepers:

Ten months ago, we knew nothing about software to manage B&B reservations and credit card processing. One of our mentors uses RezOvation Desktop and recommended it highly. This person has one of the most popular b&bs in our state so we took his advice and bought RezOvation Desktop. The initial price was a little difficult to justify for novice, struggling innkeepers swamped with startup expenses. But we are so very glad we bought it!

First the RezOvation people let us download and use a demo version for free to see if we liked it. We did! Technical support was competent and timely. When the real reservations started coming in, we learned how valuable 'RezO,' as we call it, can be. It does everything from downloading on-line reservation requests to printing thank-you letters after the guests have departed. The color-coded screen displays of room availability are extremely helpful and will prevent booking mistakes.

If you elect to use the option credit card processing module, which we did, this process is worry-free, secure and reliable. It takes a few days to learn the software but having a demo version to play with made that task easy.

Our advice? Try RezOvation Desktop! You'll love it! It frees you up to do what you really love: hosting your guests!"

— Don and Linda Malatesta, The Inn at Mallard Cove, Olympia, WA

“I love the way the RezOvation Booking Engine saves me time and money by taking the reservation, sending the confirmation, and processing the credit card.  More importantly, I don't have to worry about overbooking, because it's a real-time reservation. It's like having an extra employee.” 

Nida, Wishing Well Bed & Breakfast, Sedona, AZ 

"Thanks much for your help. I appreciate working with marketing people who are friendly and knowledgeable."

"In a day when ‘Customer Service has left the country,’ it’s nice to know that someone stayed behind."

— Michael, South Coast Inn, Brookings, OR Bob Doss, Mountain Magnolia Inn & Retreat, Marshall, NC

"RezOvation’s service and support has been a pleasure to deal with.  We switched from RezStream this spring, and couldn’t be happier with the quality of the products RezOvation has, and the level of training and support they have given us with our website and RezOvation GT.  Thanks RezO!"

— Johanna and Scott Kiltoff, Inn on the Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX

"In the past, we used a local booking engine that never synchronized with our inventory. Potential guests would be upset because the system was telling them that we had availability when we were booked. Now, with the RezOvation Booking Engine, everything is in sync and we don’t have to worry about double bookings. What a relief! "

Gary Delius, Four Gables Cottages, Provincetown, MA

"Just want you guys to know that I LOVE THIS RESERVATION SYSTEM, it's so great to get up in the morning with reservations waiting for me and just hit save!"
— Deb, Star of Texas B&B, Brownwood, TX

"We are delighted with the functionality of the software and the professionalism of the RezOvation staff."


"The import from Guest Tracker into RezOvation GT went very smoothly and I compliment your organization. "

— Charlie Boucherle, Two Fish Inn, Pine Island, FL   — Ron Vergoz, Still Bay Resort, Diamond Point, NY

"RezOvation GT is very easy to use and has some great modern features like new reports and an updated occupancy map."


"I think RezOvation GT is great, and it is very easy to maneuver."

— Cristina Petruso, 1842 Inn, Macon, GA   — Bill Moncrief, The Candlelight Inn, North Wildwood, NJ

"My daughter runs the inn and was initially skeptical of using the Booking Engine.  She worried that we would lose the personal touch we have when guests call us.  "

"After 10 days with the Booking Engine our fears went away; we can always call the guests after they make their bookings. We used InnReserve previously and couldn’t be happier that we switched to GT.  We kept both products live for a few weeks to compare them and then changed over to RezOvation GT.  "

"It was quick to install, is easy to use, and has much more powerful features, along with a great real-time online Booking Engine that is already generating more business.”

— Michel Ann Walters, The Storybook Inn, Lake Arrowhead, CA

"I love the fact that RezOvation GT is so similar to Guest Tracker, making it easy to learn. It feels familiar, and incorporates lots of innkeeper feedback. Being able to customize reports is key; GT does exactly what we need it to do!"

— Lyn Reilly, The Cornell Inn, Lenox, MA

"We were very pleased with the quality of professionalism we received while connecting the GDS with RezOvation and InnLink.  Since then we have received over 100 reservations during the past three months without complications using their two way connection."


"Having the new GDS 2-way connection is great. It's so nice to have all the information show up in the RezOvation Desktop and not have to type it all in! A great time saver."

— Karen Brackley, Sea Cliff House Motel, Old Orchard Beach, ME   — Debbie Jones, The Waverly Inn, Hendersonville, NC

“I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the RezOvation Booking Engine. We have found it easy to set up and manage, and started receiving online reservations the first day. Since we do not have a 24-hour reservation desk, this has enabled our guests to reserve any time day or night, vital for our overseas clientele.

We added our second property shortly thereafter, because we were so pleased with the results and the overall experience. We had not realized what a great additional tool this would offer us. Cross marketing and selling from one property to the other has become so simple. If we are sold out at one property, we can not only see what is available at our other property, but can use the online booking engine ourselves to make the reservation for our guests. It effectively allows me to be in two places at once.

In addition, any time we have a question or concern, the response from the RezOvation support team has been excellent.”

— Yvonne Sermak, the Avalon B&B and the Duval Gardens B&B, Key West, FL

We switched from RezStream Professional to RezOvation GT and have been impressed with how much easier the GT system is to use, and how much more powerful the features are.  It was easy to learn, it has been very reliable, and has great features like the Microsoft Word and Quickbooks integration, the flexible reporting, and the powerful rate management tools.”

Johanna and Scott Kiltoff, Inn on the Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas

"With the RezOvation GT Booking Engine, we are not wasting time doing manually what can be done digitally. Our guests now have a choice when making reservations. Those who want to save time by booking online have that option, because RezOvation GT gives them the ability to pull up specific information about each room and make an informed decision. For guests who prefer to make reservations by telephoning us, we now have more time to help them to find the best accommodation for their needs.

We also like the system’s flexibility; we can quickly change rates, availability, room descriptions, and more."

— Leslie Adkins, The Inverness Valley Inn, Inverness, CA

"Thank you again for your help. Often times I call help lines for assistance with software, hardware etc. and get the immediate attitude.

Today I was greeted with your very friendly voice and positive attitude ... It was even more of a surprise to me, given that we have not yet made the upgrade to the RezOvation Desktop program and you have no obligation to help."


— Doug Tidwell, The Orcas Hotel, Orcas, WA

"RezOvation Desktop has simplified our operations and increased our professionalism in dealing with our guests.

The program is designed to maximize our time efficiently by doing the work for us with the push of a button. The support staff has been extraordinarily helpful with technical questions. "


"This message is to thank you for all the support you provided and i would like to take this  chance to make some comments about your program.

I love your RezOvation Desktop  program, it is amazing ... everything gets easier with the amount of detail that your program provides."

— Patti and Steve D'Esposito, The Rose and Thistle, Cooperstown, NY   — Edwin Barquero G, Luna Lodge, Costa Rica

"You and your team’s effort to 'go the extra mile' are very much appreciated. Thanks!"

— Ric Pielstick, The Chanric Inn, Calistoga, CA

"We inherited RezOvation GT with our Inn and, originally, I was looking for a replacement to run on the Mac. Honestly, I hate Windows. That being said, we've turned into happy RezOvation GT users.

What I like about RezOvation is that their tech support and training are really exceptional. I've also been very happy with the software overall and really appreciate that it backs-up your data to a remote site. One never knows when a computer crash will wipe-out your data and having it in the cloud means you'll be safe. Oh, sure, you SAY you back-up your data, but most of us don't.

After sitting through their training classes we've created a birthday and anniversary club where the software sends the guest and prospect e-mails in advance of these dates and offers a special. This means more guests which means more money.

One of my big tests of any piece of software is the ability to use most of the features without reading the manual. RezOvation GT passed this test and I'm pretty happy with it overall. In fact, I've recommended it to several of the B&Bs in the area already."

Tony Barthel, Featherbed Railroad, Nice, CA

"I couldn’t be making it without the support of - they, along with their RezOvation web design, technical support and easy to use reservation software, have done everything they could to make my site and my business more successful.

The Staff both at and RezOvation are fantastic and are constantly working to improve my results. I consider them my best ally and would be at a complete loss without their support - and all for less than $100 per month - WOW! I love em! Thanks guys!"

Johanna and Scott Kiltoff, Inn on the Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas

"I would like to express my great satisfaction with RezOvation GT.  Having been a Guest Tracker user for
7 years, I was hesitant to switch.  At first, the only compelling reason I could find to switch to RezGT was the online reservation auto interface with online availability.

Then, when you offered integrated credit card processing with QuickBooks Merchant Services I decided to try it.  Looking back, I wish I had made the change sooner.  The time saved with the auto update to alone was worth it.  Way worth it!  We get so many reservations from and the old way of manually updating online availability took so much of my time.  Now, the reservation comes into RezGT automatically and I don't have to do anything else.

The credit card processing is another big time AND MONEY saver.  The card numbers are already loaded into RezGT for me from online reservations and when I make my own reservations I only have to enter credit data once (with Guest Tracker I had to enter the credit information into the software and then into the credit card terminal).  And, QuickBooks Merchant Services gives me better rates than my prior provider.

The RezOvation GT software also has many advantages over my prior software.  Not in any specific order:
1.  Automatic back-up on your server is absolutely priceless.
2.  I know that I am complying with credit card information laws.
3.  The occupancy map is easier to use.
4.  The reporting functions are already set-up and well thought out so I don't have to create my own custom reports.
5.  Adding a reservation is easier.
6.  Tracking reservations is made more sensible by having a source of guest, a source of reservation and a reason for stay fields built into the software.
7.  Emailing reservation confirmations is easy and the system automatically sends me a copy to an email account I have set-up just for this purpose.
8.  Auto-emailing reservation reminders and departure thank you notes is a huge time saver.
9.  Setting up and maintaining room rates is comprehensive and easy (having the option to separate online availability for multiple portals is great).
10.  Integrating Microsoft Word for letters, reports, emails, etc. is easy since we all are familiar with Word.

There are many other small things that I could add too as well as many functions I haven't even gotten to yet.

I just want to thank you and the team at RezOvation and for putting this all together."
Glenn Kithcart, The Bentley Inn, Bay Head, NJ

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