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Mobile & Social Solutions Specifically for RezOvation's Innkeeper Software

Mobile Booking Engine for Guests

The number of travelers using a smartphone to find and book a place to stay has increased dramatically over the past 2 years. However, many online booking engines are still formatted for computer screens. This makes it hard for potential guests to browse on a smartphone, and can result in lost bookings.

Now, you can have the best of both worlds: an online booking experience that automatically adjusts regardless of what size screen your guest is using. When a guest visits your booking engine, RezOvation can now detect and automatically display a mobile version if your guest is using a smartphone. Your guest can then easily check availability and book a room directly from their smartphone.

RezOvation iPhone App for Innkeepers

The RezOvation iPhone app allows you to quickly and easily look up guest and reservation information, view real-time availability, and book a reservation.  Use it when you are away from your inn, or just away from your desk.  Even better, it's FREE if you have a current monthly service contract for RezOvation Web or RezOvation GT with a Booking Engine.

RezOvation iPhone app
To get the RezOvation iPhone app now, please visit iTunes. For installation instructions and other useful information, please visit the wiki.

The RezOvation iPhone app features:

  • A real-time calendar so that you can view your current availability;
  • a reservation search so you can look up arrivals, departures, and recent reservations;
  • a guest search, which allows you to search for a reservation by guest name or confirmation number;
  • and real-time booking system so you can book a room while you are talking to your guest on your iPhone. You can even take a deposit!

Facebook app

Our Facebook app integrates with your Facebook page, so that your guests can check room availability directly from Facebook.


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